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No longer do you have to have a WHITE dry erase board. You can now have it clear or colors for any surface. You can coat any chalkboard with clear and turn it into a dry erase board.

You want to convert a wall to dry erase board, coat it in clear or change the color of the wall. If you want it to match your filing cabinets and cubicles we can coat your wall with metallic colors.

It is now your choice for your décor.

Entire rooms have been coated with clear to turn a conference room into a media room. A major University in Southern California just enhanced a Media room with a 1,700 Sq. Ft. dry erase room, all four walls from floor to 9 foot ceilings.

EeZeClean converts paintable surfaces including walls, columns, panels, hallways and old chalk boards into creative writing / art spaces, Ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, retail, government and hospitality.

EeZeClean Dry Erase Coating is a high performance, chemical resistant coating with excellent ink release properties designed to produce an outstanding writing surface for dry erase markers.

Turns a smooth surface into a write & erase space with a dry erase marker
Available in white, clear, metallics & solid colors
Standard Sheen: Gloss
LEED NC 2009 compliant

EeZeClean Dry Erase may be applied directly over property prepared substrates (Level 5 smoothness is recommended) including steel, aluminum, galvanizing, concrete, masonry, ceramic tile, MDF, drywall and previously primed or coated surfaces.


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