On-Site Electrostatic Painting

Metal Refinishing

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Remember Electrostatic Painting? We Still Do It!

Electrostatic painting has many advantages over other types of paint spray applications. Electrostatic painting will produce superior finishing results with no runs, drips, brush/roller marks, over spray is kept to a minimum and it is environmentally safe. We can work on-site to minimize the impact to your business.

It might be appearance, performance, or service constraints but some metal fixtures office furniture and equipment cannot be painted with conventional means and methods. All types of new and existing metal surfaces, including steel and aluminum, can be painted using the electrostatic process. Speak to us about high performance coatings and special application methods to minimize down time to your business at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

See our video to the right to watch how the paint is delivered evenly. The paint wraps around the object, finds corners and magnetically adheres to difficult to reach objects to give that factory finish right on-site!

Wilson & Hampton is proud of the 40+ years experience with electrostatic painting. Our experience and premium paint provides the best results.

We stand behind our work and we make sure we can by using the highest quality paints which will stand up to years of normal daily routine, the best equipment and the most experienced professional painters . We do it right the first time.

Warranties, offered by both the paint manufacturers and Wilson & Hampton, are written specific to the application and are available on request.

Office Furniture, Files & Storage Cabinets

Electrostatic metal painting will beautify your offices, extend the life of your metal furniture and minimize disruption to your productivity, all for a fraction of the cost of buying new office furniture. Older metal items such as metal filing cabinets, desks, book cases, and storage cabinets are often of superior quality than those made today. Let Wilson & Hampton Painting Contractors restore the factory-like appearance to your metal office furniture and fixtures. Our process is perfect for metal cabinets, metal staircases and handrails.

We can custom color match your existing or new decor and/or you can choose from standard colors of all the leading manufactures.

Elevator Doors, Restroom Partitions And Lockers

Most lockers, restroom stalls, restroom partitions and modesty panels that appear past their prime are usually higher quality than those made in the last few years. Wilson & Hampton Painting Contractors can restore the original appearance to your office or business. Our process is perfect for painting elevator doors, cabinets, metal staircases and handrails. Metal Finishing Flyer Electrostatic Hospitality Flyer

We can custom color match your existing or new decor and/or you can choose from standard colors of all the leading manufactures. We use durable and reliable paint that retains its gloss, shine and toughness and is dry in a few hours.

Laboratory Cabinets, Drawers And Hoods

Our On-site Electrostatic Painting will restore the factory-like new appearance to your laboratory equipment, cabinets, lab counters and sinks. Our process is perfect for most metal lab equipment and cabinets.

Machinery & Equipment

Wilson Hampton has over 75 years of experience as a professional machinery painting contractor. We know to deliver superior results for our client's machinery, and will work closely with you to schedule work that best fits your business.

Are you “Environmentally Conscience"?

Wilson & Hampton Painting Contractors, Southern California’s premier painting contractor specializing in “Green” painting contracting services, from low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to HAP-free (Hazardous Air Pollutants) products for interior and exterior use. Wilson & Hampton Painting Contractors will be featured in the December “Green Building Quarterly” magazine acknowledging the services provided that support LEED and the “green” movement.

* MSDS Sheets are available for all products we use